Our solution for your online restaurant

COVID-19 reponse to Level 3


We're here to help your restaurant get ready for Alert Level 3

Hi I’m Justin, and together with my team; we’ve developed an ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM, tailor-made to take your restaurant online hassle free, commission free, and most importantly; to release you free back into feeding your customers again. 

And what if you don't have a website yet? We've got you covered too.

We're here for you. - YauMedia

We'll provide you with:

Contactless pre-payment via online debit/credit to keep you and your customers safe.

An efficient way to track your orders and revenue in real-time, directly from the comfort of your phone.

An integrated click & collect and delivery options* to ensure legal trading is in line with alert level 3 regulations.

Reassurance of knowing you can reject & refund orders with ease.

Guidance on how to maintain and add extra items on your own.

Local technical and marketing support found right here in Ōtautahi.

* we do not provide the delivery system, only the menu option to do it.
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